2024 Fitness Survey Findings: Workouts are "Me Time," as People Set Boundaries from Work; Interest in Strength Training Continues to Grow

Survey adds 36% would give up social media forever to lose 10 pounds

CHANHASSEN, Minn., Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With 2024 nearly here, Life Time (NYSE: LTH), the nation's premier heathy lifestyle brand, has compiled the results from its 2024 annual consumer health and wellness survey. Among nearly 3,000 respondents, notable findings included:

  • At a time when people are blending their personal and professional lives more than ever, workouts are considered sacred "me time," with 77.2% of respondents saying they avoid all work emails and calls during exercise, and nearly 90% reporting they rarely, if ever, work while working out.
  • Interest in strength training continues to grow into 2024. In fact, building muscle is the number one goal for 2024 (35.9%) – an increase of more than 3% from last year. Weight loss and moving more each day follow in order of response.
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) say they will prioritize their health and wellbeing more in 2024 than in 2023 – a 29% increase from the year prior. The top reason cited is to be able to keep doing things they love for as long as possible. More people are focusing on being able to live longer, healthier lives (51%), versus simply looking better (9%).

"Through our annual survey, we always look forward to gather a glimpse of the consumer mindset and attitudes toward health and wellness," said Life Time President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Zwiefel. "Personal health is our best defense to live longer and perform better both physically and mentally and Life Time is unwavering in our approaches to meet members where they are, helping them to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives via our best places, programs, performers and experiences."

Survey respondents addressed 17 questions about their health, exercise habits, workouts and other fun insights:

Preferred method of workout recovery:

  • 35% said a good night of sleep does the trick.
  • 33.4% hit the sauna or cold plunge.
  • 19.7% get in a good post-workout stretch.
  • 9.4% look to a massage as their preferred recovery.

People's workout routines break down like this:

  • 50.8% have an equal mix of cardio and strength training.
  • 18.2% admit their workouts were mostly cardio focused.
  • 15.6% focused solely on strength training.

Other notable responses:

  • 36% of people would give up social media forever in exchange for losing 10 pounds. Nearly 6% of respondents would give up sex.
  • 45% said they exercise 4-5 times during a typical week.
  • 62.4% said they typically spend 1-2 hours at their health club when they visit.
  • 45% admit to never stretching, or only for a few minutes per week.
  • 36.2% said they take multivitamins as their top supplement, followed by protein powder (23.6%).
  • 30% of respondents said Dwayne Johnson would be their top pick for a pickleball partner, followed by Jennifer Lopez at 22%.

Regardless of health and wellness goal or objective in 2024, Life Time features more programs and services for those 90 days old to 90 years old than any other – from strength training to Dynamic Personal Training and Dynamic Stretch, to pickleball, tennis, cycle, Pilates, yoga and small-and large-group training, and athletic events you'll find it all here. For those on the go, Life Time also offers a digital membership with access to on-demand classes, coaching and wellness content.

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